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Dr. Bauman and his staff are amazing. I could tell immediately Dr. Bauman’s experience in the field of endodontics is why he earned the respect of my dentist who referred me to him. I am pain free and extremely happy with the results.
Jake C. 3/25/15
This review in my opinion is long overdue. For the record, I was never told to write a review. I decided after having a root canal treatment in December 2014 by Dr. Bauman that I need to tell others what impeccable service I received. He is so knowledgeable, professional, caring and empathetic. I was initially scared to get work done due to the pain. However, he made the procedure very comfortable and I am so sensitive to pain. His office staff are also great. I received a follow up call to find out how I was doing. I will NEVER go anywhere else in Utah for a root canal treatment. Truly exceptional work and service!!!
Cleo P. 2/12/15
After avoiding the dentist for 5 years (major fear of the dentist) I finally went in and learned I needed a root canal. I was referred to Dr Bauman by my dentist and am 100% happy with this referral. Dr Bauman knew of my fear of dentists and was so patient with me. He and his staff made me feel relaxed and calm before, during and after my procedure. He walked me through what he’d be doing and told me what type of pain or pressure I’d feel just before he did something. I felt no pain during the procedure and minimal pain afterwards – nothing ibuprofen couldn’t take care of. Very happy with Dr Bauman!
Erin J. 1/20/15
Dr. Bauman and his staff did a wonderful job, and provided me with a pain free experience. I really appreciated his expertise and for helping me to solve my problem. He came highly recommended to me, and now I know why. Thank you, for providing me with such great care, and for even staying late.
Creed H. 1/13/15
I had to have a root canal last year. Dr Bauman was able to get me in in a timely manner and I have to say that the whole procedure was painless. His staff is wonderful and I would highly recommend them.
Denise H. 1/6/15
Great experience here. Everyone was very nice and did a great job of ensuring I was comfortable. They explained options very well and described everything they were doing so I left feeling very informed. The staff is great and very personable. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks!
Nate W. 4/17/14
Felt like very high-quality care and the staff was very nice. Dr. Bauman took time out to explain everything and show me what he was doing, which was very nice.
James T. 4/3/14
Dr. Bauman was wonderful, I was an awful patient that couldn’t open my mouth very wide and I needed a root canal my back tooth. He was very patient, gentle and understanding. He did a great job. I am a very happy with the results.
Vicky H. 3/27/14
5 Stars indicates that I loved it… about as much as you can love have a couple root canals. My situation was a little unique & I was very impressed with Dr. Bauman’s attitude, attention to detail, confidence & expertise. I received a phone call the next day to see how things were feeling…? That was a first!
Paul G. 3/12/14
Dr. Bauman was great! The shot to numb my mouth was the most painful part, but it wasn’t that bad. The root canal was easy and I really didn’t have any pain afterward. His office staff is very kind and cheerful.
Kathy E. 2/30/2014

I went in to Dr Bauman for a root canal, referred by my new family dentist.  I have, unfortunately, had root canal’s before but never have I been treated so well or had such a good experience.  Dr. Bauman explained everything to me before we began so that I understood everything I would need to know to make informed decisions.  In addition to this, everyone in his office was very helpful and nice.  I would refer everyone I know to him.                                                                                                        Jeri M.  8/26/2013

Wow!  What an impressive setup.  Dr. Bauman is very qualified, calm and, reassuring.  I was a complex case with other medical problems.  The staff was efficient, personable and responsive.  My procedure was painless and they called to follow up after.  So impressed and happy to see others feel the same.  I’m telling everyone who might need him about Dr. Bauman.                                                                Kim P.  8/22/2013

Customer service gets an A+.  I wasn’t excited about getting my first (and hopefully last ) root canal.  Dr. Bauman and his staff did an excellent job.  Dr. Bauman took his time with me to make sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process.  The procedure was painless.  The best of all, he completely cured my pain and his staff followed up with me to make sure the problem was fixed.  I would recommend Bauman Endodontics to anyone.                                                                                      Dave  4/24/2013

Dr. Bauman was fantastic!  His staff was very friendly and proficient.  He took the time to talk with me prior to the procedure and explain all aspects of why and what he would be doing. The procedure went perfect.  No pain, no discomfort.  He also spent time after the procedure to review in detail what he had done.  They had taken pictures during the procedure that he used to show the process and explain visually what he had done.  He was very professional, friendly and genuinely caring.  Upon discharge, he again reviewed the instructions with me and gave his cell phone number to me to call if I had any pain, concern or questions.  I did end up placing a call to his office the next week and he personally returned the call and provided me with the needed information.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.                                                                                                                          Blair 2/15/2013

I’ve had two separate procedures done by Dr. Bauman and his staff.  It was easy to schedule appointments that accomodated my schedule, and everyone was helpful and sympathetic to my problems.  Dr. Bauman explained each step of the procedures, and because he answered all of my questions, I didn’t have any fears.  All work was completely painless.  I was in and out of his office quickly both times and the results were perfect.  I highly recommend Bauman Endodontics!!

Reid  2/14/2013 

Dr. Bauman did my root canal and it was painless.  He made sure I was comfortable the whole time!  The staff was very nice.  He made sure everything was ok the next day.  The customer service was awesome.  I will totally go to him for future problems.                                                                    MaryAnn  12/9/2012

In addition to completely competent technical skills, Dr. Bauman is kind, supportive and caring.  He went the extra mile to check on me after the procedure. It is rare for a professional to be completely accessible and approachable. He takes responsibility for his work.  He has won my total trust. Staff is funny and delightful. The entire staff makes what might be a miserable experience not just tolerable but, always enjoyable.

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